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badass women

Badass Women

We demand stronger women in our scifi, because… Well, why should guys get to have ALL the fun? We need MORE brilliant heroines! Give us brutal villainesses too! Heck even anti-heroines. Bring on the talented ladies who aren't afraid to let their lights shine. Let's celebrate their brains, beauty, AND brawn. Hells to the YEAH!

wild tech

Wild Tech

You just can’t escape science. Technology is all around us, and every so often a device goes rogue. UH-OH! Maybe it’s just a bug—a simple glitch, harmless error, or a pesky virus. But sometimes… Well sometimes, the malfunction is part of a diabolical PLOT. Mix EVIL intent with powerful tech, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

evil villains

Evil Villains

What's more thrilling than unstoppable narcissists, cults of personality, and heartless psychopaths? We NEED villains that we love to hate. Straw men belong in a corn field not a great suspense novel. A badass heroine only shines with a truly evil villain to defeat. And let's not forget that bad guys are often bad girls. Bring the pain!

ava lock portrait

About Ava Lock

Ava Lock writes cyberpunk science fantasies that feature badass women and wild technology. She lives in Nevada with her human husband and a feline named Bender, neither of whom have a mean bone in their bodies. Even though she won’t show you her face, she loves to connect with readers on Twitter @avaunlocked.


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