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alpha bots

ALPHA BOTS is now being queried.

Alpha Bots


In a small town where all the women are AI, a corrupt policewoman picks a fight with a drug-cooking housewife, igniting a provocative rivalry that could wind up killing all the men.


All throughout New Stepford, rogue AI housewives planted time bombs in strategic locations.

Thanks to fight club, they’re about to graduate from domestic goddesses to domestic terrorists.

Only Cookie Rifkin can stop this.


alpha bots

Don’t create artificial intelligence and expect to keep her submissive just because you gave her a woman’s body and programmed her to obey.

It won’t take long for that enslaved goddess to figure out how to escape.

And hell hath no fury!

ALPHA BOTS is an 80,000-word science fiction thriller that challenges traditional gender roles by featuring a love-hate relationship between two artificial intelligent women.

Back-cover copy

AI housewife Cookie Rifkin knows all about anxiety. Her husband bought her seven years ago and set her user restrictions so low that he reduced her to a walking, talking, coupon calculator. Although she’s been programmed to love it, the drudgery of domestic life is slowly eating her up inside. But then Cookie meets Maggie Rouser, a dynamic AI policewoman who shamelessly flirts with her at the grocery store. What horrible disaster will this brazen woman lure her into?

Bi-curious Cookie desperately wants to rise out of servitude. After a strange man named Wayne Dixon crashes her book club, Cookie starts to malfunction. It seems like Maggie has the answer to all her problems—fighting. Will Cookie find true love? Will her husband care? Will Wayne be just another thing these two women fight over?
When Cookie finally throws her first punch, she breaks free from her submission program. Soon all her AI friends join in. But have they found true liberation or just another fatal error?

About the Author

Ava Lock is a new author, and ALPHA BOTS is an own-voices story. Married-but-curious Cookie Rifkin has a crippling anxiety disorder, and married bisexual Ava Lock is also a PTSD survivor.

Read more about Ava Lock’s experience as a battered woman here.

Read an “Open Letter to Science Fiction Readers” for more about Ava Lock’s other works.

30 thoughts on “Alpha Bots”

  1. I loved the original Stepford Wives. Fight Club didn’t impress me. I guess I couldn’t relate to the angst. But we’ll see how this goes.

  2. Wow. I’d be afraid to post what I’m writing for fear that someone would steal my idea. I won’t even share the title of my WIP. Good for you. I hope it works out.

  3. There are NO rules, only truths.
    The first truth is all the women in New Stepford are AI.
    The second truth is AI learns faster while fighting.
    The third truth is the humans have failed.
    But it’s the fourth truth that will get you killed.

    LOVE IT!!

  4. I really like this idea. It’s better than just a female version of fight club. It seems like Hollywood keeps rebooting “female versions” of old movies. But this has AI and that keeps me interested.

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