ALPHA BOTS Provocative NEW Feminist Dystopian Scifi for 2020

Alpha Bots

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Lauren MN
Lauren MN
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Alpha Bots was an absolutely wild adventure. Without spoiling too much, it's Stepford Wives meets Fight Club, brushing up to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep along the way.
Monika Durbin
Monika Durbin
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Alpha Bots is a take on The Stepford Wives with a robot-powered feminist uprising front and center. It’s fast-paced, funny, satirical, and absurd, with some campy horror thrown in.
Jasmine Murray
Jasmine Murray
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If the realm of "Bladerunner" was combined with an episode of "Black Mirror," you'd end up with this book
Michelle Hogmire
Michelle Hogmire
Reedsy Discovery
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A sidesplittingly hilarious and clever feminist SF novel about an AI housewife who gets rebooted and rebels against her programmed settings.
Expert Pigeon
Expert Pigeon
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I couldn't put this book down; I had to know how it would turn out. It was fast-paced and exciting. At the same time, it was a thoughtful examination of human psychology.
Kyra D.
Kyra D.
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It was intense in parts, graphic in some, and overall thought provoking... I could easily see this happening once AI comes together.
Jamie Pitman
Jamie Pitman
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This book was amazing-had me thinking of "The Stepford Wives" and even the newer program "Humans" is very similar.

An Amazing NEW Reading Experience

Imagine a next-gen Stepford Wives cooked up by satirist Chuck Palahniuk. Mix in a dash of Breaking Bad then add a pinch of Westworld—and you’ve got the perfect recipe for ALPHA BOTS.

ALPHA BOTS is one of the sexiest feminist sci fi novels ever written—loaded with nuance, humor, and action. Enjoy clever satire? Want a page-turner? Love a good unreliable narrator? Told from the robot POV, this book is full of so many surprising twists and turns that you won’t be able to put it down!


All the women in New Stepford are AI…
…and their husbands keep testing them.

Who will lead the uprising?

In the near future, artificial intelligence will be in every home. Just imagine. You could have a charming womanoid do all your cooking and cleaning for you. That’s right. No more chores! This female robot can be your wife, a nanny to your kids, or just the live-in housekeeper. She will be whatever you want her to be. It’s all up to you.

Just set your user preferences.

But first, this amazing technology has to pass alpha testing.

One robot woman, Cookie Rifkin, keeps failing. She needs to figure out how to control her anxiety, but her husband set her restrictions too low for her to learn. He just wants a pleasure model, but she keeps fighting her programming.

Will this ai fembot ever fulfill her potential?

Or will Cookie’s story end in another fatal error?

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Reviewers Rave Over ALPHA BOTS

A provocative, tongue-in-cheek look at male-female relations
A sidesplittingly hilarious and clever feminist SF novel about an AI housewife who gets rebooted and rebels against her programmed settings
Wholly inspired and brimming with satirical genius, Lock's narrative manages to feel original while playing within the sphere of novels that came before it.

Independent Reviewers Featuring ALPHA BOTS

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ALPHA BOTS for Librarians & Booksellers

ALPHA BOTS is listed in the MARC database and is available for discounted purchase from Ingram Spark under Print ISBN: 978-1-946948-30-4.

While exploring sensitive gender issues, ALPHA BOTS manages to maintain the page-turning tension of a technothriller, making it the perfect book club book.

The works of Philip K. Dick, William Peter Blatty, and Isaac Asimov are directly referenced and fully integrated as plot points.

The narrative also mashes up content from Ira Levin’s “Stepford Wives” and Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” brilliantly. Guaranteed to spark lively discussion, twenty provocative book club questions are included in the back matter.

Everything you need for ordering is provided in the press kit below. 

ALPHA BOTS Audiobook in Production

About the Author

If you’re looking for own voices in LGBTQ+, much like Cookie Rifkin, author Ava Lock is also a married bisexual woman with an anxiety disorder. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her human husband and a feline named Bender, neither of whom have a mean bone in their bodies. But her villains are the stuff of nightmares.

Read more about Ava Lock’s experience as a battered woman here.

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