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Welp, I caught the news on Friday about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and ran back to Twitter to check FinTwit. I spent one solid workweek away from Twitter and thought I was gone for good this time. I wrote like crazy and got more work done than I thought possible. But I had to go back to the dumpster fire. I have friends who work in banking and finance abroad, and I wanted to know their thoughts.

FinTwit (Finance Twitter) and CT (crypto Twitter) are two sources of information that I truly need.

Also, I’m tracking Flaco the newly-liberated Eurasian Eagle-owl in Manhattan because he brings me great joy.

I won’t write a think piece about our impending systemic banking failure. I’m not giving advice or making any predictions today. I don’t have to. Since last October, I’ve been warning EVERYONE that this was coming. Most people laughed at me like I was Chicken Little. A handful listened and made contingency plans.

If you’re not panicking today, congratulations. To the rest of you, good luck.