BETA BOTS: Womanoid Diaries #2- Hot New LBGTQ Superhero Sci-Fi Adventure (2021)

Beta Bots

BETA BOTS released April 22, 2021

Kat N.
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Alpha Bots, the prequel to this epic book, had its claws in me with its memorable cast - and Beta Bots took one look at that cast and said, "LEVEL UP, B*TCHES!!!"
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No middle-book syndrome in sight! Beta Bots builds on Alpha Bots and pushes the boundaries in all the best ways. It cranks up the heat and the tension. It's super fast-paced and fun, full of smart and satisfying action sequences, and brimming with positive LGBTQIA representation.
Black Cadillac
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Womanoids just want to have fun!

The BETA BOTS Synopsis

Cookie Rifkin escaped New Stepford…
…Now, in the sequel to ALPHA BOTS,

She becomes an AI superhero!

When Cookie Rifkin robs a Russian bank with Wayne Dixon and their non-binary friend ANA, Stepford Corp sends a faceless bounty hunter to reclaim the rogue artificial intelligence. Moscow police trap them in the vault, but the superintelligent machines break out, then get separated. Cookie escapes with tons of gold and platinum, but Wayne gets arrested and flown back to corporate headquarters for radical refurbishing.

With the cops hot on her trail, Cookie hides on a luxury yacht named the Wonder Woman. There, she meets a new temptress, polyamorous pansexual Tabitha Kirsh. When Russian special forces catch up with Cookie, she’s forced to defend herself, but inevitably gets shot. The two womanoids escape together, but Cookie discovers Tabitha has a secret.

Shapeshifter ANA tries to intercept Wayne’s flight out of Moscow—but fails. Then, after the enby robot reunites with Cookie, Tabitha teleports them all to London, where they plan to extract Wayne at Heathrow airport.

Tabitha recruits her ex, Richie Johnson, an AI trans man who runs an underground railroad for escaped womanoids. At his gay bar, Dorothy’s, Cookie learns what it means to be queer, performs on stage with a drag queen, discovers she’s truly a bisexual woman, then has to fight a horde of attack lesbians to get to the airport on time.

But will Cookie and her new LGBT friends be able to rescue Wayne?

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BETA BOTS for Librarians & Booksellers

BETA BOTS is listed in the MARC database and will be available for discounted purchase in print from Ingram Spark (print ISBN: 978-1-946948-32-8).

The BETA BOTS eBook will available on Overdrive (eBook ISBN 978-1-946948-33-5) shortly after release.

The BETA BOTS audiobook is in pre-production and will be distributed across all platforms (audiobook ISBN 978-1-946948-35-9) before the end of the year. 

While exploring gender and sexuality issues, BETA BOTS manages to keep the mood light and adventurous with an endearing ensemble cast, making it the perfect superhero fantasy for adults.

The Wizard of Oz and Wonder Woman are directly referenced and fully integrated as plot points.

Everything you need for ordering is provided in the press kit below. 

About the Author

If you’re looking for own voices in LGBTQ+, much like Cookie Rifkin, author Ava Lock is also a married bisexual woman with ADHD and an anxiety disorder. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her human husband and a feline named Bender, neither of whom have a mean bone in their bodies. But her villains are the stuff of nightmares.

Read more about Ava Lock’s experience as a battered woman here.