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wild tech

New Science + Evil Intent = Wild Tech

You just can’t escape science. Technology is all around us, and every so often a device goes rogue. UH-OH! Maybe it’s just a bug—a simple glitch, harmless error, or a pesky virus. But sometimes… Well sometimes, the malfunction is part of a diabolical PLOT. Mix EVIL intent with power, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

strange worlds

Dazzling New Adventures in Strange Worlds of SciFi

Let’s boldly go to strange, new worlds together, because let’s face it, Earth is toast. Our home planet is burnt out. Beat. Over. Done… Okay, okay, maybe it ain’t all that bad. There’s no place like home, right? But I think we can do much better. There’s a whole universe of possibilities out there. Up for a little adventure?​