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Day 2 without Twitter

Good-bye Twitter

I had a surprising amount of anger at Elon Musk for destroying Twitter last night. It’s hard to be angry at someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Where do you go with all that fire?

No. Not Mastodon. Don’t even. Swapping one supreme overlord dictator for some local yahoo running a decentralized server with their own set of moderation rules does not seem like a solution to me. You do realize they could rage-quit at any moment right? The person running the server isn’t getting paid. They could get mad as hell and just pull the plug. Then what happens to your social media platform?

Day 2 without Twitter


Each server creates it own rules? Really? How arbitrary is that?

As a Web 3.0 believer, I should be pro-Mastodon. Sorry, I’m not. But I do have a decentralized social media account on PolkaVerse.

Okay, Back to Twitter

So far, the most obvious problem with leaving Twitter has been breaking the habit of clicking the icon and scrolling as a break during work. Now that the bird icon takes me to the Twitter log in page, I quickly realize I have to do actual work, like looking up my password and typing it in correctly. I guess I’m using my laziness to my advantage here.

I also know the log in won’t work, so there’s no incentive to go farther. I might be wrong. Maybe the few Twitter techs left finally fixed this after over a month. I don’t know. I haven’t tested it. But I’m proud of that too.

I Miss Crypto Twitter Most of All

Like any real human being, I have a variety of interests. I use Twitter to keep up with my writing friends and the publishing industry. I follow celebrities. I have several fossil and crystal accounts that bless my timeline with shiny rocks. Cat videos are always welcome. But most of all, I miss CT (crypto Twitter). FinTwit (financial Twitter) comes in a close second.

There’s a lot wrong with CT. Paid influencers pump and dump on unsuspecting fanboys. Sam Bankman-Fried went on a Twitter spaces tour professing is ignorance in the financial details of the FTX collapse, and people actually believed his crap. NFT gangs go to war. Developers target their marks and recruit them as unpaid labor for their rug pull projects. Scammers are constantly tweeting giveaways and “join our Discord” nonsense so they can control the narrative. Crypto Twitter is a jungle full of snakes.

But after a couple years, I’ve learned how to spot the nonsense and ignore the noise. I follow an amazing group of analysts and forecasters who share quality information. We have a knack for spotting scam patterns early, maybe that because we’re all autistic. I don’t know. But it’s amazing to watch this select group of crypto investigators form, cooperate with total strangers, do forensic blockchain research, share information in real-time, and solve a case.

Day 2 without Twitter


Crypto Twitter gang is off to solve another mystery!

CT was on to SBF long before the authorities caught wind of anything. So much so, that even Elon Musk was watching the FTX case unfold on Twitter. He tweeted about it. The irony of this is not lost on me.

Crypto Twitter and the News Cycle

With a well-curated feed of CT and FinTwit sleuths, I’ve been able to stay 3-10 days ahead of the news cycle. The price for this hyper-vigilance is the time suck of keeping up with it all. Thanks to my exit, I missed watching the sloppy case of Donald Trump’s NFT collection unfold and had to pick up the story second hand from Apple News.

At the end of the day, I have to ask myself, How important is it that I know these things? In a crypto winter and overall bear market, I’m paper hands. I had half my $DOT investment liquidated in the $LUNA crash, because I was on the road moving from coast to coast and couldn’t keep up with Twitter. I’m not trading right now. But I tell you what, if and when it comes time to buy crypto again, I’m going to need CT and FinTwit.

*Shakes fist at Elon Musk and screams into the void*

Increased Writing Productivity without Twitter

When it comes to the fiction writing enterprise, there’s no need for Twitter. Period. There’s no advantage to networking with other writers other than finding trusted beta readers and feeling slightly less lonely. On Twitter, you’re just as likely to get sucked into a publishing scam as a crypto one. Agents pull the same kinda Twitter bullshit as crypto influencers. Pitch contests went from break-through opportunities to impossible chaos machines to total extinction. And let’s face it, people who read books have never been big Twitter users. Your readers aren’t waiting on Twitter. Let it go.

I wrote (and edited) so much yesterday. I was able to focus on hard revisions that I would’ve probably convinced myself to ignore if I had the Twitter distraction. I blogged for the first time in years. I worked out – a real workout, not just a stretch break to get away from the screen a little while. I went to bed satisfied and woke up ready to do it all again.

Aside from the loss of algomancy, I’m better off without Twitter. And just as I type that, I remind myself that other websites have algorithms. I already spent more time watching music videos on my YouTube channel than Twitter anyway. And you can never go wrong creating content for your own website and trusting the Great Google God will bring you traffic (and new readers).

Time for me to grab a latte. Here’s to a brighter and more productive day!

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