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How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

The Death Ray Interviews

How It's Going

Well, friends, it has been almost six months since I NFT’d my first short story. I can’t say that I’m getting rich here. It’s my own damn fault for spending zero time marketing my NFTs (something I plan to remedy in the future). But cut me some slack, I’m a writer, and I’ve been so very busy writing. As a matter of a fact, I finished the third, and final, book of the Womanoid Diaries. I’m thrilled to announce¬†GAMMA BOTS is on schedule to release January 12, 2021!

Anyway, I thought maybe I’d finally write a blog post on HOW to tokenize a short story. You know, so that all you writers out there can see how easy* it is to mint (and hopefully sell) your work.

*DISCLAIMER: Easy as in–you’ve already bought $KSM and set up your Polkadot/Kusama wallet. There are lots of tutorials out there on those topics. GTS.

Before we get started, I’m minting exclusively on Kodadot. I love the devs, and with interoperability and cross-chain functionality coming to Kusama, I don’t see any reason to mint on a variety of platforms. Save yourself the time, trouble, and gas fees,¬†come to Kodadot.

Alright, enough preamble, let’s get to it.

How To NFT Your Short Story

Step 1: Prepare Your Text

I’m going to assume you actually wrote a short, and that it has been edited and proofread. Quality matters.

Anyway, once you’re ready to release your story into the crypto world, layout your text in whatever software you prefer. I like Scrivener.

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

Step 2: Layout Your Story

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’m also a graphic artist, so this is my favorite part. But if you’re not a friend to Photoshop, then you may need to partner with or hire someone to do this part for you.

Basically, you know the aesthetic of your story. Remember using Pinterest to do story boards? Think like that. The Death Ray Interviews happens to be a police procedural, so I went with gritty cop notes, a signed confession, and evidence bags. You’ll need to come up with clever visual images and graphics the enhance your story. For this part, I use Pages (I am a devote of the cult of Apple).

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

Step 3: Export As PDF

Okay, so the beauty of this is locking down the design and providing the same visual experience to all readers. So you’ll need to export that pretty document from whatever software you used to create it. Make a PDF.

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

Step 4: Import PDF into Image Editing Program

Unless you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you’ll need an image editing program to break the PDFs into individual pages, then create JPGs. You can skip to Step 6 and just NFT the entire story as one big PDF document. Or, if you’re an overachiever like me, do both. I use GIMP for this step (because open source and no freaking subscription).

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

Step 5: Export Each Page as a JPG

So here’s the cool part. Now, you can export each page as a JPG. That makes it a digital image and digital images can be minted as NFTs on any platform.

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

Step 6: Mint Your Story

See? It really was as easy as I said it would be. Now you take your JPGs and mint them wherever you want. Done. Just don’t ask me about marketing these things, because as of this posting, I don’t have a clue.

If you’re looking for more on HOW to mint NFTs in general. The good folks at Kodadot put together some nifty tutorials.

How I Tokenized My Short Story, THE DEATH RAY INTERVIEWS

The Death Ray Interviews

Extreme Heat WARNING: Have you ever wondered if it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk or bake cookies on the dash of your car?

You’re not alone.

Meet Ray Burns, a bright, young engineering student with a seething inferiority complex. While on summer break in Vegas with his mother, things take a deadly turn after she finds his secret potato experiment.

If you love police procedurals, unreliable narrators, or weird science, this is the story for you! Click here to read on Kodadot for free.

Click any Death Ray image for NFT listing

The Death Ray Interviews
Official Death Ray Cover
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 1)
Death Ray (Page 1)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 2)
Death Ray (page 2)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 3)
Death Ray (Page 3)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 4)
Death Ray (Page 4)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 5)
Death Ray (Page 5)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 6)
Death Ray (Page 6)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 7)
Death Ray (Page 7)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 8)
Death Ray (Page 8)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 9)
Death Ray (Page 9)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 10)
Death Ray (Page 10)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 11)
Death Ray (Page 11)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 12)
Death Ray (Page 12)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 13)
Death Ray (Page 13)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 14)
Death Ray (Page 14)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 18)
Death Ray (Page 18)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 19)
Death Ray (Page 19)
The Death Ray Interviews (Page 20)
Death Ray (Page 20)