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I Got Purged from Twitter and It Has Been the Greatest Blessing

A month or so ago, I deactivated my Twitter account to focus on editing Space Hysteria and preparing for launch. I had been considering leaving when Elon was pulling his Twitter Blue shenanigans sending my feed into chaotic nonsense. I know from years of Twitter experience that an account can deactivate, then there’s 90-days before it’s permanent. So, I figured I log in every other month and keep my account alive, just on the hopes that one day someone swoop in and save the blue-bird dumpster fire.

Anyway, I read in the news that Elon was threatening to purge inactive accounts that haven’t logged in, so I popped over in a keep-alive attempt and discovered that I’d already been purged. As an author, that was my one an only social media account. I wasn’t running any alts. I’m not a sock puppet kinda gal. It was me, my voice, and I.

And it’s gone.

But you know what? Good.

I’m far past the point of creating content for free and certainly not going to pay a billionaire to do it. Before the soft reviewer launch of Space Hysteria, I was nervous about doing all this without social media. HA! It doesn’t matter. One week later, I have 9 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Check this out:

I Got Purged from Twitter and It Has Been the Greatest Blessing

So, I have no regrets. Not only am I more productive than ever, I’ve closed a method of exploitation that predators seem to love. If readers and fans want direct access to me, I’ll see them at a conferences and local events. I’m always blogging here on my website and invite you to follow me on Amazon. But this “office hours” approach to being contently available on social media, when I mostly get a deluge of spam, noise, and stalkers is, quite frankly, for the birds. I’ll never go back to Twitter.

Onward and upward.