Looking to Collect NFT Paintings?

Not many people know this, but I started out as a sculptor. I worked in the curatorial department of a museum. I had gallery shows. One of my ten-foot-tall pieces was purchased by a municipality and displayed in City Hall. It wasn’t long before I started working as a prop builder in local theater productions.

Along the way, my lifelong love affair with cinema drove me toward special effects work. I casted body parts, sculpted skins, and painted finishing effects. I became a freelance SFX makeup artist while also working as a puppet builder and scenic painter. Yeah, I earned plenty of IMDB cred (under another name).

That’s when I fell in love with painting paintings.

Now that I’m older, I’ve turned to digital media. But I still pick up a paint brush and slap acrylic to canvas whenever I can. Painting helps when I can’t “find the words” so sitting down and pushing color around has become an important part of my writing process. My walls are full of my canvases, and each one is a story behind a story. Sometimes they’re a feeling. Sometimes they’re a scene. Sometimes they’re a concept. Always, they’re colorful.

So I thought, “Why not NFT these beauties?”

Note: the images below are low resolution copies of the NFT collectibles in my Kodadot gallery.