Be among the first to collect a short story NFT

Ava Lock is on a mission to revolutionize story telling. We all know solid structure, compelling characters, twisty plots, and efficient prose make for a great story.

But there could be so much more… There could be color. There could be illustrations. There could be a narrator. There could be animation! Let’s do stories bigger. Let’s go beyond text. Let’s build fantastic worlds that appeal to all the senses!

Did that pique your curiosity, dear Reader? Great.

Launching this innovative concept with an 8-bit Pac-Man parody

Ava Lock has begun tokenizing the BEHIND THE MAZE collection on Kodadot. The short story is also out to voice actress Laci Powers right now. As soon as Laci finishes narrating the audio short, Ava Lock will tokenize that as well. Ava is also working on both 2D and 3D animations of this fun, retro story. For now, check out all the 8-bit beauties all ON SALE NOW.

Pretty please, Kusama whales, buy a Pac-man NFT (or two or fifteen). Momma needs more of that sweet, sweet coin.

Behind the Maze samples