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Space Hysteria

In space no one can hear you slay

Do you love science fiction movies?

So does Bob.

As a failing geologist yearning to save Earth, he always found solace in classic sci-fi films. But when climate change devastated his beloved planet, Bob and his daughter, Captain Ruby Harlow, fled to outer space to find a new home. After waking from hypersleep too soon, their journey took a sinister turn. Experience a thrilling descent into madness as Bob’s mind unravels. Get lost in a nostalgia-filled novel filled with references to iconic characters like Captain Kirk, Han and Leia, and Ellen Ripley. Brace yourself for a blood-curdling vampire hunt that feels like The Shining on a spaceship.

So, grab a copy of this chilling story and get ready for a ride you won’t soon forget!

Unleash your fear in Space Hysteria!

Captain Ruby Harlow and her father seize an unbeatable opportunity—a pre-owned spaceship with a mysterious past. Driven by their desperation to escape a dying Earth, Ruby and her wife overlook the ship’s surly disposition and nasty bat infestation. But their troubles escalate when a malevolent ghost begins tormenting their sole fembot, and the crew remains oblivious to the haunting. Undeterred, Captain Ruby leads an awe-inspiring launch into the cosmos.

However, after the entire crew enters cryogenic slumber, the haunted vessel veers off its intended trajectory, jolting everyone back to consciousness. Trapped without the possibility of returning to hypersleep, Ruby and her team face the chilling realization that their journey will stretch across many years, with only a mysterious comet as their potential destination.

In the desolate expanse of deep space, the prolonged isolation takes its toll on Ruby’s father. Plagued by severe seizures, he succumbs to mounting hostility and paranoia. Consumed by delusions, he becomes convinced that the ship’s doctor is none other than Dracula himself. While his claims may hold a grain of truth, proving them will push him to the very brink of madness.

Prepare for an interstellar odyssey where the boundaries of reality blur. Are they truly trapped in the cold vacuum of space with bloodthirsty vampires? Was Bob destined to become the slayer? Or will he succumb to his own inner demons, becoming the monster he fears most?

Experience a heart-pounding fusion of science fiction and horror in Space Hysteria, a gripping tale of survival, suspense, and the struggle against the unknown. Delve into the darkest corners of the cosmos and unlock the secrets that lie beyond. Get your copy today and embark on a cosmic adventure that will leave you breathless.

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