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Stalkers Gonna Stalk

stalkers gonna stalk

It’s hilarious how exes who neglected or abused me when we were together suddenly have all the time in the world to stalk me YEARS after we’ve broken up. Psycho stans abound, too.

It doesn’t scare me. It won’t stop me. If anything, it makes me more determined to tell my stories to shine a light on the secrets you keep. All you’re doing is showing me who you really are while teaching me your methods. So don’t take my Twitter exodus as some sort of hiding. I quit Twitter to get my time back so I could publish even more novels (especially QUEER MISERY). I won’t be silenced anymore.

Stalkers Gonna Stalk
What’s good for the goose

Unfortunately, there are several of you fuckers. So, if you wanna claim the official title of Number One Fan, you’re gonna have to step it up. You got competition.

Or, IDK, you could get a life, losers.